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So, Just What Is Kingdom Under Fire II?



Online RPG/Real-Time Strategy game Kingdom Under Fire II is finally beginning to see the light of day. It’s got its open beta on PC in Asia (in English), and has also been announced as a free-to-play title for Sony’s PlayStation 4.


But really, what’s this game by developer Blueside all about? And why did it take it almost six years (the game was announced in 2008) to arrive? The gist of it is that on the surface, Kingdom Under Fire II is like any other massively multiplayer online RPG you’ve played. : Pick a character, such as the Berzerker, Gunslinger or Spellsword, go forth and smack stuff in the face till it falls over.


But that’s only on the surface.



The twist here is that Kingdoms Under Fire II introduces AI armies into the mix—some of them controlled by you. You can send them to attack, defend or move into areas and automatically engage anything standing. This is done from a top-down, zoomed-out perspective.



You’ll be able to train your battalions and then level them up into bigger, badder, better guys, with their own skills and abilities to boot. They still aren’t as badass as you though.


You take these guys into certain fights, such as Invasion  Mode’s (which you can see here) 16 players co-op, and player-versus-player fights. Think Dynasty Warriors in an online setting and you’re getting there.


If you’re interested, the English PC version of Kingdom Under Fire II is out in open beta now in Asia, and the full game will be coming to PlayStation 4 sometime in the next year or so.