Kairosoft Games Are Made in Unity Steam Bundle Includes Game Dev Story

Kairosoft Games Are Made in Unity Steam Bundle Includes Game Dev Story
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Following the latest Unity install fee announcements, Kairosoft created a new Kairosoft Games are Made in Unity bundle on Steam. It offers over an 80% discount on four of the company’s titles. The description for the collection is represented by a single emoticon: 。°(´ฅωฅ`)°。. It also includes Game Dev Story, one of Kairosoft’s most famous titles.

The four games you get in this bundle are a mix of both some older and newer titles. For example, Game Dev Story and Mega Mall Story were some of the company’s older games brought to PC. Basketball Club Story and Jumbo Airport Story are both more recent releases. All are simulations that normally cost $8.99 each. In the bundle, you get the quartet for $6.84.

Game Dev Story is probably the developer’s best known title. In it, players run a studio, determine what sorts of games you make, and perhaps even get into console development. It’s appeared on a wide range of platforms since its original mobile release. In 2021, it was also added to Apple Arcade.

The Kairosoft Games are Made in Unity bundle is available on Steam for Windows PCs. There is no expiration date on the product listing for this selection of titles.

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