Game Dev Story Apple Arcade Version Update is the First in 13 Years

Game Dev Story Apple Arcade Version Update is the First in 13 Years

Part of the appeal of Apple Arcade games is that the developers tend to release updates to encourage people to return. This just happened with Kairosoft’s lone game on the service. The company announced an update for the Apple Arcade version of Game Dev Story. It is immediately available. This is the first update for the game in 13 years and adds new content. It lets you change the office’s look and find a spot on a leaderboard.

The Game Dev Story new office layouts change its look. Once updated, you get over 20 extra layouts. However, the announcement didn’t note if these changes will affect in-game development in any way.

As for the leaderboard, that comes up with the World Net Ranking. This applies to all players of this version worldwide.

Here’s a trailer looking at some of the additions. It highlights how some new office layouts are inspired by other Kairosoft games. For example, at the 8 second mark is the Dungeon Village one. A Hot Springs Story layout shows up after that. A Basketball Club Story sort of style appears too.

Game Dev Story+ is available on Apple Arcade and its 2021 update is live. People can also find Game Dev Story on Android and Apple iOS devices, the Nintendo Switch, and the PS4. (Note that the new update isn’t available on those other four platforms.)

Jenni Lada
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