KanColle Imitation Azur Lane Doing Well In Japan, About To Get Bigger With New Marriage System

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Ship girl-collecting smartphone game Azur Lane by Chinese developers Manjuu and Yongshi released a few months ago for smartphones, and not only has it been it’s been doing quite well in Japan.




Azur Lane is kind of like a mix between Kantai Collection and Warship Girls, with a main focus in collecting ship girls. What sets it apart from others is its bullet hell-style gameplay that offers plenty of action to go with the collectible ship girls. The game boasts over 100 cute ship girls, so that’s already quite a lot to collect.



The game offers other little things players can enjoy on the side such as customizable dorm rooms.



With a bunch of collectible ship girls with their own unique abilities, it comes as no surprise to see how well it has been doing in Japan since its launch. To give you an idea, it currently sits at #6 in Gpara’s rankings for top-selling iPhone games in Japan, and as high as #5 yesterday next to other top-sellers like Monster Strike, Puzzle & Dragons, Fate/Grand Order, and Lineage 2: Revolution.


If it weren’t popular enough, the game’s official Twitter account in Japan announced plans to implement a new marriage system in the next update.



The marriage system will allow players to get hitched with a ship girl of their liking. In order to do so they’ll be required to boost their bond with a girl to “love.”



Also required for marriage is an item called “Ring of Oath.”



The marriage also comes with special wedding outfits for the ship girls, as shown in the above three images with Vampire, Akagi, and Illustrious.



The ring that is required for the marriage costs 600 Diamonds in the China version of the game.



To make things more official, you also get a certificate of marriage.


You can check out some gameplay for the game in the above video.


Azur Lane is available in Japan and China for iOS and Android. Those of you interested in trying out the game can learn how to do so with this guide.

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