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Kenichiro Takaki Talks Senran Kagura 7even Progress, Censorship And Regulations



Senran Kagura series producer Kenichiro Takaki was recently featured in an interview  with Akiba Souken to talk about what’s going on with Senran Kagura 7even and how it’s been affected by increasingly strict regulations.


Akiba Souken: So tell us how the progress on Senran Kagura 7even is going.

Kenichiro Takaki: “Lately, regulations regarding sexual depictions have become more strict around the world, and for this reason, we need to make sure there isn’t any misunderstandings in what we make. There are some parts that are difficult to work with, likely more so than we’ve ever experienced. That being said, I think it’ll take some time…

At the moment, we’re thinking about getting things done somehow, and exactly how we’ll be getting it done, and so forth.”


Even in the anime, you can’t help but notice the “mysterious light” from the TV broadcassts regulations.

Kenichiro Takaki: “To be honest, when it comes to anime you just never know until how long they’ll get to keep up with such depictions. The Olympic Games are also coming in a few years so I think it’ll be tough times. There’s always the conversation of ‘What if children see that?’ as well. You’d think that it being a late-night broadcast is self-explanatory but…


However, (titles known for their sexual depictions) are going to be a genre that gets chased away in the midst of all this.


Even so, there are people that want to see it, and there are people like us who want to make such games, so I’d like to think of a way for us to slip our way through.”



The entire screen was practically a bright light for the ending of the anime… [laughs]

Kenichiro Takaki: “Right? So you should watch the ending on Blu-ray!! [laughs].




Senran Kagura 7even is in development for PlayStation 4. The last time we heard about the game was back in August when we saw a new character model for Asuka.

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