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The King of Fighters XIV Footage Shows Climax Moves From Yuri, Kukri, Hein, And Shun‘Ei



The King of Fighters XIV’s latest build that features 36 characters was shown off to the public in Japan recently in Akihabara, and the game’s latest footage shows us a look at some of the new playable characters. [Thanks, Shoryuken.]


Keep in mind that there hasn’t been any direct footage, so most of the videos are from off-screen recordings from the event.


Kukri & Yuri’s Climax Moves



Hein’s Climax Move


Shun’ei’s Climax Move


And finally, more footage featuring Mui Mui, Hein, Sun’ei, Mai, and Yuri:


The King of Fighters XIV will release in North America and South America on August 23 and Japan on August 25, 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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