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Square Enix Sheds Light on Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road With New Screenshots

Following the reveal of four new characters who will appear in the Xehanort-focused Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, the official Twitter account for the mobile game started a new retweet campaign. Players can follow the account and tweet a hashtag in order to earn Kingdom Hearts Dark Road screenshots.

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Check out the collected Kingdom Hearts Dark Road screenshots below:

As this game will launch within the Kingdom Hearts Union χ app, the game carries the same general chibi-style graphics and style. We see Xehanort talking to Eraqus and yet another mysterious cloaked figure. We also see him working together with the four characters introduced earlier this week, Urd, Vor, Bragi, and Hermod. Some of the Kingdom Hearts Dark Road screenshots customize Xehanort’s loadout and deck and show the skills that Xehanort will be able to use against the enemies.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will take place in the past and seems already to feature an entirely fresh cast, other than Xehanort and Eraqus. The game was originally set to release in Spring 2020, but was pushed back to an unspecified new date.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road will be released via Kingdom Hearts Union χ on Android and iOS devices, which is currently available for download.

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