Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Will be Delayed Past Spring 2020

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road

2020 has been a fairly rich year for gaming in spite of everything that’s happened, but sooner or later even game development would be affected by all that’s going on in the world of late. That wave’s caught up with Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, the new Kingdom Hearts mobile game planned to launch within the Kingdom Hearts Union χ app.

A tweet from the game’s official account announced that the game would not be meeting its planned Spring 2020 release window, citing “current conditions” as the major factor. The tweet didn’t specify a new release date, though it did tease a new announcement scheduled for June:

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is a standalone game that can be played from the Kingdom Hearts Union χ app. It follows Xehanort, the Seeker of Darkness and, the main villain of the whole Kingdom Hearts series thus far. Screenshots released so far feature a young Xehanort and Eraqus, the legendary Keyblade Master from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

Dark Road will also feature a fast, reflex-based battle system.  Playing Union χ won’t be required to play Dark Road, but a link campaign will allow Dark Road players to trade points for battle cards based on the state of their Union χ medal album.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road may be delayed, but Kingdom Hearts Union χ downloadable on Android and iOS.

Josh Tolentino
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