Four New Characters Revealed for Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road


Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road will be introducing four new characters to the Kingdom Hearts series. The official Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Twitter shared images of these four new mysterious faces. In addition to this, the Twitter also released a statement, saying the next update will be on June 10, 2020. However, they did not specify what the new information will be, or what it will entail. One can only assume that with the official release of new character artwork, it may be in some relation to that. [Thanks, KHInsider!]

In addition to the artwork, the official Twitter also revealed names for these five new faces. Urd, Vor, Bragi, and Hermod will be the new additions to the long list of Kingdom Hearts characters. You can check out these new artworks below.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is a mobile game that is planned to launch within the Kingdom Hearts Union χ app. Originally intended to release sometime in Spring 2020, that release date has been pushed back. Dark Road is a standalone story that features the series villain Xehanort. Other characters currently shown in the promotional material of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road include Eraqus from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road has been delayed, but Kingdom Hearts Union χ downloadable on Android and iOS.

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