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Kingdom Hearts III News To Be Announced Soon, Along With Something On Smartphones



It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Kingdom Hearts 3, but series creator Tetsuya Nomura said that it might not be long until we hear a new announcement. He discussed the issue in an interview in this week’s Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hachima]


Prior to discussing Kingdom Hearts, Nomura talks about the upcoming Dissidia Final Fantasy game for arcade.


“We get several orders for potential characters,” said Nomura about additional characters on Dissidia Final Fantasy. “Following Ramza, there are plenty of characters from derivative works, and we’re taking a look at characters from the main-numbered series that have yet to make an appearance, too. Personally, I’m pushing for Minwu [from Final Fantasy II.]”


Next, he shed some light on upcoming announcements that we can expect to hear about Kingdom Hearts at the upcoming D23 Expo.


“We’re planning some interesting things,” Nomura said. “In addition to information on Kingdom Hearts III, I believe there will be some more [that is announced]. Kingdom Hearts III’s development is going smoothly, and there will be a new announcements related to it as well.”


He added, “One of those announcements will be about a smartphone development for the series, which I believe we’ll announce in the near future.”


Kingdom Hearts III is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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