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Kingdom Hearts III Ultimania Pre-Orders Now Live In Japan, Releases February 28, 2019



Square Enix announced that it is releasing the Kingdom Hearts III Ultimania book this February in Japan, and pre-orders are now available for what they’re calling the ultimate book that sends us to the climax of a story intertwined with light.


The Kingdom Hearts III Ultimania includes flat and 3D maps to help navigate through the stages of all worlds. In addition to in-depth details of different forms and abilities, the Ultimania is packed with data on various enemies, items, and more to make it the one-and-only complete book for the game.


Furthermore, it’s made as a larger B5-sized book (250mm x 176mm) compared to the conventional Ultimania books that are A5-sized(210mm x 148 mm) so that means more space for images and various details, including a special interview exclusive to this book, and loads of behind-the-scenes info.


Kingdom Hearts III Ultimania’s pre-orders are now live in Japan via the Square Enix e-Store for 2,700 yen. It releases on February 28, 2019. The book has only been announced for Japan but considering we’ve been getting collections of the Final Fantasy Ultimania books, it’s possible that a similar kind of collection could release for the Kingdom Hearts series in the West.


Kingdom Hearts III releases for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Japan on January 25, 2019 followed by a North American and European release on January 29, 2019. Check our previous report for its opening movie trailer featuring the theme song “Face My Fears” by Hikaru Utada and Skrillex.

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