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Kingdom Hearts III Won’t Add Any Final Fantasy Worlds, Will Focus On Disney Worlds



In a recent interview with Gamespot, Kingdom Hearts III co-directer Tai Yasue touched on the topic of what worlds we can expect to see in the much-anticipated installation in the action RPG series.


Yasue began with saying “we’re not adding any Final Fantasy worlds. A lot of the original [to Kingdom Hearts] worlds [Hollow Bastion, Traverse Town, e.t.c.] had Final Fantasy characters in them.” Yasue then added “At this moment, we are not really coming up with any plans for that, we’re making original worlds and Disney worlds.”


Yasue then went on to explain a bit about the process behind why they choose certain Disney worlds in regards to gameplay. “The best thing would be to have Disney Worlds every recognize and are famous, but that are also distinct and unique,” Yasue added. “We want the difference and variety, we don’t’ want a lot of the same thing.”


Kingdom Hearts III is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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