Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link Will Have Character Creation

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link Character Creation

Kingdom Hearts series Director Tetsuya Nomura revealed new information about Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link. In an interview with Famitsu, he shared details concerning the use of augmented reality in Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link and revealed there will be character creation. Additionally, he touched on the prospect of Disney worlds appearing in the mobile game. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Regarding the inclusion of Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, Nomura is still in the process of experimentation. He states that some terrain or environments may appear to be inspired by certain Disney worlds within the mobile game. Originally, certain parts of the map would be entirely covered in Disney motifs, but he felt as though that was a bit overkill.

On the use of augmented reality technology, Nomura elaborated that players will be able to walk to any location. However, if players don’t want to walk to a location on the map, they can use in-game currency, or points, to teleport there immediately. Nomura does mention that players can avoid spending this currency by walking to the location.

Nomura also touched upon the main character in Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link. He revealed that players will assume that role, and will be able to create their own character through character creation. This is what he had to say:

“…The main character is the player. They will be able to create their own avatar, similar to Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (Union X).”

However, no further information as to how extensive the character creator will be was mentioned in the interview.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is in development for Android and iOS devices.

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