Rumor: Kingdom Hearts TV Series Allegedly in Development for Disney+

kingdom hearts tv series

Several sources are suggesting that Square Enix and Disney are working together on a Kingdom Hearts TV series, planned for a Disney+ release. According to the rumors, Disney was originally planning to work on the project in-house (possibly with a live-action series somehow), but plans fell through. Instead, Square Enix itself has been asked to produce a CG-animated pilot episode, created within the Unreal Engine framework. Not many more details are available yet, but the folks corroborating this news all seem to be reputable and known for being in the know.

The above tweet is from Emre Kaya of The Cinema Spot, who claims they’ve been sitting on this story for a while. Following this tweet, influencer Jeremy Conrad and Disney Insider Editor-in-Chief Skyler Shuler backed it up. Shuler added some alleged details, noting that original voice actors for the Disney characters (Bill Farmer, for example) will be reprising their characters. There are no further details, such as casting for the original Square Enix characters and creative teams.

Most recently, we’ve seen the Kingdom Hearts III story ostensibly wrapped up with its DLC release, and comments from series director Tetsuya Nomura have suggested the next game is in development in some form. An upcoming mobile game, The Dark Road, was set to release soon, but was delayed due to the pandemic working conditions.

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