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Kirara in Genshin Impact is The Most Reliable Delivery Girl

Genshin Impact Kirara
Image via HoYoVerse

Ahead of her playable debut in Genshin Impact, HoYoVerse released a character trailer for Kirara, as well as more information about her kit. While we do know the basics of it thanks to the Version 3.7 Special Program, details about them are now available via HoYoLab. She will be a four-star Dendro Sword user hailing from Inazuma.

Her Elemental Skill Meow-teor Kick: Press can can create shield that scales off of her Max HP. It also deals AoE Dendro DMG. Holding it will transform her into an Urgent Neko Parcel, which is good for adventuring or exploring. It deals Dendro DMG when she runs into enemies. It also increases her movement and climbing speed, along with her jumping power. Her Elemental Burst, Secret Art: Surprise Dispatch, deals AoE Dendro DMG and then creates Dendro Cores (Cat Grass Cardamoms) that will explode upon contact or after a period of time.

Lore-wise, Kirara is a delivery girl for Komaniya Express. It is the fastest and most reliable delivery company in Inazuma. However, characters from other regions, such as Qiqi and Kaveh, make appearances in her trailer so it seems like Komaniya Express offers international shipping.

In English, Julia Gu voices her. Other roles that Gu has portrayed include Hong Jing in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Fallon in Edge of Eternity. In the Japanese dub, Sayumi Suzushiro voices Kirara. Suzushiro has also appeared as Kylie in The Magnificient Kotobuki and Uruka Takemoto in We Never Learn.

Genshin Impact is readily available on the PS4, PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. Kirara will debut as part of Genshin Impact Version 3.7, which will launch on May 24, 2023.

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