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Kirby: Star Allies Is Getting A Star-Studded Soundtrack Release


kirby ost 2

Alongside the announcement of Kirby: Star Allies’ Wave 3 Update, HAL Labs also announced that the game’s soundtrack will be getting a separate release in Japan on Valentine’s Day next year.


kirby ost 3


The regular soundtrack release will be six discs of music, including new tracks being added with the Wave 3 update for a total of more than 220 tracks. The discs come in a tall-sized digipak case, and will also come with a 40-page interview with the sound staff. It also comes in a clear case.

The regular soundtrack will cost 6,000 yen, and the included songs will be revealed at a later date.


kirby ost 1


The First-print Special Edition release of the OST comes with all of the above, as well as a Kirby-themed Playbutton (a portable music player with fancy designs but are limited to playing predetermined songs) that contains newly-arranged Kirby music tracks. It also comes with a pair of original earphones to go with the music player.

The First-print Special Edition goes out for 8,500 yen.


kirby ost 4

Finally, if you buy any of the soundtrack releases via the Kirby series Portal e-Shop here, the soundtrack will come with an additional six illustration cards drawn by the staff.


The Kirby: Star Allies OST releases in Japan on February 14, 2019. Kirby: Star Allies is available for Nintendo Switch, and the Wave 3 update comes November 30, 2018.

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