Kirby Tomica Toy Lets Him Drive a Warp Star

kirby tomica

Dream Tomica No. 168 from Takara Tomy will feature Kirby and his Warp Star. It is not to be confused with Dream Tomica 168 Initial D FC3S RX-7. The Kirby Tomica will cost 770 JPY (approximately $5.95) and it will come out in July 2022. It does not appear to be part of the ongoing Kirby 30th anniversary campaign. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

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The Kirby Tomica is in the shape of a Warp Star, with Kirby riding atop it. It also has an Invincible Candy-shaped steering wheel. While Tomica cars usually look like ones that you could conceivably ride in real life, the Kirby Tomica would be rather difficult. It does not appear to have a nook for the driver to sit in. Kirby also throws driving safety out the window, as he rides the Warp Star without a helmet or seatbelt. Other intellectual properties Takara Tomy has released Tomica toys for include Sanrio, Demon Slayer, and Rilakkuma.

As mentioned earlier, this Tomica does not appear to be part of the Kirby 30th anniversary. Items that are part of the celebration include necklaces from U-Treasure, an Ichiban Kuji lineup, and a palm-sized lamp.

The Kirby Tomica will come out in July 2022 in Japan. Those living overseas can purchase it through proxy services or in select hobby stores.

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