Knights Chronicle Adds New Characters Nix And Kristian To Its Colorful Cast


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The anime-inspired turn-based mobile RPG Knights Chronicle has gotten a major content update in the form of a set of new characters – Nix and Kristian, and a new dungeon.


The RPG by Korean publisher Netmarble released on June 14, 2018, for iOS and Android. It features anime-inspired battle scenes, turn-based combat, and has more than 100 heroes who team up with the main character Theo, as they uncover the past and try to prevent the ruin of the planet ‘Garniel’.


Nix (CV: Reina Kondo)

Nix is a quiet, bandaged member of the Draiden Elites who has a penchant for offensive dark magic. She’s an attacker who can also inflict the Curse status effect, as well as debuff enemies. Players are guaranteed to summon Nix when summoning on the ‘10+1 Summon’ option.


Kristian (CV: Sonosuke Hattori)

Kristian is Demian’s Lieutenant, and an all-rounder hero who specializes in light magic. He’s a frontline fighter who focuses on dealing damage using his Penetration attacks. He can be earned by players who complete the “Kristian” Advent Dungeon.


To celebrate the addition of these two heroes, Knights Chronicle currently has an Attendance Event that lasts until August 30, that will give players 4-star SSR summons over six of the seven total days. A new Hero Appraisal system was also added, so that players can discuss their views on each hero.


Knights Chronicle is available for iOS and Android.

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