KOF Chronicle Is A Tower Defense That Reenacts The Many Story Arcs Of The King Of Fighters Series


kof chronicle 

SNK announced a new smartphone app called The King of Fighters Chronicle today, and it’s a free-to-play game that enters beta later this month.


Check out the trailer for the game below, which goes through the various story beats of The King of Fighters ‘94 up to The King of Fighters XIII:



The game uses miniature sprites reminiscent of those used in Metal Slug Attack, and also plays similarly as well – it’s a tower defense game featuring KOF characters.


kof chronicle 2

That means that you’ll need to summon characters in order to help you rush forward and attack enemy player bases, which are on the other end of the stadium. It seems that the main character you choose will get to use special moves and super moves as well, if you have the SP for it.


kof chronicle 3

The game will have both stages where you work together with another player, as well as PvP matches. As for Chronicle Mode, players will play through the various stories of the KOF series, using preset decks. After choosing a game, you can choose between the various teams playable in that game.


KOF Chronicle begins beta testing on Android from April 17 to April 26, 2019. Players can sign up for the beta via the main site here, and you can also find the Twitter here.

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