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KOF XV Maxima Trailer Confirms Team K’s Formation


SNK published the 37th KOF XV character trailer, which features Maxima. It shows the Canadian soldier-turned-cyborg in action in the upcoming King of Fighters iteration. The majority of Maxima’s move list will consist of melee attacks, with his boosters helping him reach opponents quicker. However, he can also launch a powerful beam from the cannon on his chest.

This trailer confirms another full team formation in KOF XV. Maxima, along with Whip, will join Team K’ and complete the trio. While SNK has always portrayed Maxima as K’s closest partner since their debuts in KOF ’99, Whip is also closely related to the team leader.

Despite being in the same team, the trailer also shows a unique pre-fight interaction between Maxima and K’. Maxima challenges his friend and team leader to launch his signature flame attacks as a way to prove that his mechanical suit will not melt easily.

With the Maxima trailer published, there are only two KOF XV character trailers remaining. Ash Crimson, Kukri, Angel, and Krohnen have yet to reveal their team affiliations.

While KOF XV will have 39 fighters at launch, SNK has also confirmed that it will add more characters with post-release DLC. It is preparing the first Team Pass, which will consist of six characters grouped into two teams.

The King of Fighters XV will be available for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and PC on February 17, 2022.

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