I’m not sure what’s more wild the fact that SNK Playmore revived Beast Busters, a zombie shooting arcade game, or that Kyo Kusanagi from The King of Fighters is in it. Beast Busters featuring KOF is a new installment in the ’80s light gun game series, but since it’s for smartphones players aim using the left side of the screen and tap the right side of the screen to shoot beasts.


You can play as Jin Strings, Lisa Strings or guest Beast Buster Kyo. Other King of Fighters characters make cameos as Fighter Cores that imbue characters with different powers.


Beast Busters featuring KOF is available for free on Android devices now. An iOS version is also scheduled to come out later on.


beastbuster_01 beastbuster_06 beastbuster_05 beastbuster_04 beastbuster_03 beastbuster_02


kyo kusanagi

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