Langrisser I & II Remakes Character Designs Are By Ar Tonelico Artist Ryo Nagi

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The latest issue of Famitsu reveals that the Langrisser I & II remakes announced for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will be full remakes of both games. All new character designs are being made by Ar Tonelico series artist Ryo Nagi. Game development is currently around 50% complete.


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Here’s a look at the new designs for Langrisser‘s Ledin and Chris and Langrisser II‘s Erwin and Liana. Character profiles were also provided for all four people.

Ledin: The prince of Baldea, which guards the Langrisser. He escapes from the country after an attack by the Dalsis Empire and goes on a journey to reclaim the Langrisser.


Chris: A traveling cleric who is saved by Ledin when she gets into danger while on the road. Afterwards, she joins Ledin and supports him any way she can.


Erwin: A young man who starts his journey in order to seek revenge on his foster father’s murderer. After helping Liana, he is dragged into the war against the Empire.


Liana: A young girl who is a shrine maiden in the dukedom of Salrath. She is being hunted by the Empire for various reasons and gets help from Erwin.


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The character designs and UI have been updated in order to fit in better with the current age of gaming. (One example includes cut-ins during certain moments in battles.) The remakes have also been made a bit easier for newcomers to the SRPG genre, so they won’t have to hesitate to jump in. Furthermore, there will be new features that were not present in the original games, which will be revealed later on.


Langrisser I & II is in development for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It is 50% complete.

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