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Leaked Resident Evil 3 Screenshots Show Jill Facing Old and New Enemies

resident evil 3 screenshots jill valentine 19

An apparent Resident Evil 3 screenshot leak from GamerGen has resulted in a number of better looks at Jill Valentine facing new and old enemies. The majority of the watermarked images show Jill during what appears to be the main campaign. However, there also seem to be some pictures looking at Becca Woolett, Martin Sandwich, and Samuel Jordan in Resident Evil: Resistance, the multiplayer mode included with the game. [Thanks, Resetera!]

First, here are the Resident Evil 3 Jill Valentine screenshots. Most of them show her facing off against enemies, with Nemesis being the most “popular” one to show up and torment her. This set also offers peeks at different locations and a new “friend” who seems to live in the sewers.

The Resident Evil: Resistance screenshots focus on Becca and Martin primarily, showing them in locations like the Casino map based on the Raccoon City casino.

Capcom hasn’t officially released any of these images yet, so take them and what they show with a grain of salt. If they are officially confirmed, then we should get names for some of the new monsters shown in the Resident Evil 3 screenshot set.

Resident Evil 3, which includes Resident Evil: Resistance, will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 3, 2020.

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