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Learn How to Play Jack-O in Guilty Gear Strive With a Starter Guide

Guilty Gear Strive Jack-O'

Arc System Works is taking on the Guilty Gear Strive Jack-O’ challenge. More specifically, it’s taking on the challenge of teaching new players how to use Jack-O’ Valentine, the game’s newest character. To that end, a new Starter Guide video was uploaded to the official Arc System Works Youtube channel.

The video focuses more on the unique moves Jack-O’ has in Guilty Gear Strive. The key to Jack-O’s combat style is her use of servant characters in combat. She can call up to three servants onto the field. She can use the servants for various purposes. They can take up space by taking hits in Jack-O’s place, attack on their own, or even be thrown like projectiles. Her ability to deploy new servants is determined by the servant gauge, which can be recovered by retrieving servants after use.

Working in combination with her close-range attacks, Jack-O’ can make use of her servants to control the whole stage. She can stymie her opponent’s combos using servant barriers or set up enemies for attacks from both sides, keeping them on the defensive and exploiting weak defenses. Unlike previous iterations of Jack-O’,  the Guilty Gear Strive version of the character simply deploys her servants from her own position rather than determining their summoning spots. This may help cut down on the amount of micromanagement needed to make full use of her abilities.

Jack-O’ first appeared in Guilty Gear X as a servant of the character That Man, alongside I-No and Raven. She played a major role in the story of Guilty Gear Xrd as well, before going on to appear in Guilty Gear Strive as the game’s second DLC character after Goldlewis Dickenson.

Guilty Gear Strive is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. Jack-O’ is included with the game’s Season 1 DLC pass, but will be available for individual purchase on August 30, 2021.

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