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Learn More About Urien Before His Street Fighter V Debut Later This Month




Capcom revealed Urien’s introduction trailer for Street Fighter V yesterday, and they’ve provided more details on the final Season 1 DLC character via Capcom Unity.


In case you missed it, or just want to watch it again, the above is a look at Urien’s trailer for Street Fighter V.


Here’s some info shared on the blog post about Urien:



First introduced in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, Urien is the Vice President of Illuminati and wants nothing but to take over Illuminati from his older brother, Gill, and destroy Shadaloo. Urien has complete confidence in his own physicality and this elitism shows itself through his sadistic and tyrannical tendencies. He gains joy only from dominating others and having them crumble in the face of his incredible power.



Urien returns to Street Fighter V, donning a pinstriped suit and is often seen with a sinister smile when he hits opponents with his powerful limbs and violent combos. He uses his slow moving projectiles to pressure opponents and get them to do his bidding. A master of manipulating ki, his signature Aegis Reflector, one of the 66 Illuminati secret arts, is back and allows him to control the pace of the match.


V-Skill: Metallic Aura



Urien laughs maniacally while enveloping his body with his Metallic Aura. Once charged, his skin tone darkens and the next forward-propelling special move can temporarily absorb one attack.


V-Trigger: Aegis Reflector



Urien opens his arms and creates an energy barrier in front of him. The barrier will reflect projectiles back at the opponent and the direction held when activating the V-Trigger determines where it appears. Opponents who touch the barrier without blocking will take damage and be knocked back. With a full V-meter, Urien can project two barriers.


Critical Art: Dominate Crush



Urien channels energy into his arm and slams it into the ground, striking his opponent with a pillar of destruction.


Street Fighter V is available for PlayStation 4 and PC. Urien will join the game sometime this month, alongside the previously-announce September updates. Capcom will announce the release date for Urien and the update at Tokyo Game Show 2016 next week.

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