Legendary Hinoka Comes to Fire Emblem Heroes

Hinoka Fire Emblem Heroes
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The latest legendary hero to join Fire Emblem Heroes is Hinoka from Fire Emblem Fates. This version of Hinoka, titled “Thundering Wings,” will be available via a banner in-game starting from May 31, 2023 to June 13, 2023. Several previous legendary characters will also be available from the banner.

You can catch her character trailer below. Note that it confirms someone can only “spark” on the banner and get one of the focus characters for free after 40 pulls if they are a Feh Pass subscriber.

Hinoka: Thundering Wings hails from a timeline where her older brothers, Ryoma and Takumi, died in battle against the kingdom of Nohr. This left Hinoka to pick up their legendary weapons, Fujin-yumi and Raijinto, and become queen of the kingdom of Hoshido. She appears to fight as a Kinshi Knight, an advanced class from Fire Emblem Fates that rides a sacred bird-like creature.

Also available on the banner are the following focus heroes.

  • Alfred: Floral Protector
  • Caeda: Beloved Queen
  • Corrin: Child of Dusk
  • Dagr: Sun’s Radiance
  • Elincia: Devoted Queen
  • Micaiah: Radiant Queen
  • Myrrh: Guardian Dragon
  • Nanna: Beloved Princess
  • Ophelia: Starlit Maiden
  • Robin: Exalt’s Other Half
  • Seidr: Goddess of Hope

Earlier this month, Fire Emblem Heroes offered a Bridal themed banner where the bride versions of Tiki and Anna were available. Before that, they also had a mythic banner containing a playable Nerbuz.

Fire Emblem Heroes is immediately available on Android and iOS mobile devices. Legendary Hinoka’s banner will be available from May 31, 2023 until June 13, 2023.

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