Level-5 And DMM Are Teaming Up For A New Little Battlers eXperience Project



Level-5 and DMM Games announced during a recent new announcement event that they’re working together on a new project based on the Little Battlers eXperience series with a new title.


Here’s a look at the game’s first trailer.


The new project, titled Soukou Musume, or Armor Girls, has a world setting based on the two keywords of “streets in ruins” and “two suns.” It takes place in a similar yet different parallel world, where the place is in ruins and the girls must find a way to survive and see if they can make it back to the regular world.


The story revolves around five girls including Achilles, but we’ll see over 60 unique characters appear in the game. DMM Games is known for having various titles of girls with “personifications,” but in Armor Girls they’re not personifications, but they’re girls clad in parts of Little Battlers eXperience on them as armor.


Here’s a look at the main girls:



031 032



The Emperor

034 035



036 037



038 039



040 041


Armor Girls will release in Japan in Spring 2018 for iOS, Android, and PC browsers.

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