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The Liar Princess and Blind Prince’s New Trailer Guides Us Through Its Tragically Cute Story



Nippon Ichi Software shared a trailer for The Liar Princess and Blind Prince that guides us through the story of the upcoming title and a look at how it plays in the picture book-style world.


There was once a wolf monster who sang with a beautiful voice deep in the woods. There was a young prince who didn’t know the owner of the voice, but he continued listening to it every night. One day, the prince approached the singing voice and suffered an injury after getting swiped by the startled wolf. Things take a turn for the worse when the prince’s father, the king, could no longer stand the look of his son’s damaged face and decided to lock him up.


Feeling remorseful for the injury it caused the young prince, the wolf monster visits a witch in the forest, who can make any wish come true in exchange for some kind of compensation. The wolf trades its singing voice for the ability to transform into a human, a dark-haired princess. Now with the form of a human, she can help guide the Blind Prince to meet the same witch in the forest to fix his eyes.


The video demonstrates some of its gameplay, where you’ll be required to guide the Blind Prince in a danger-filled forest. While in her princess form, she won’t be able to attack monsters to help the Blind Prince, so the Liar Princess will depend on switching between forms to fight enemies as the wolf monster when needed.


“This is a lie to protect the prince, it should be fine so long as he doesn’t find out… well, it should be fine.”


“Because the real me can’t touch you.”


The Liar Princess and Blind Prince releases in Japan on May 31, 2018 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch. Check out more details about the game here and here.

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