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Little Dragons Cafe Trailer Shows The Daily Life Of Running A Cafe And Raising A Dragon



Marvelous shared a new trailer for Little Dragons Cafe with highlight of the busy everyday life that will have you raise a dragon while running a cafe.


At the start of the game, the mother of the twin protagonists falls ill and it’ll be up to the two to run the cafe while she’s bedridden. You’ll also need to raise a dragon, which is said to be the key to curing the mother’s illness in some way.


In case you missed it, Siliconera recently spoke with Wada-san who explained why he made the main characters into cute losers instead of the archetypical powerful heroes.


Little Dragons Cafe releases in North America and Europe on August 28, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game releases in Japan a couple days later on August 30.

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