Look Around Hololive Error in Its Third 360-Degree Panorama

Hololive Error

Cover is moving along with its production of Hololive Error, a horror-themed fiction project. The third installment of the series is now live on the official Hololive Youtube channel. Like earlier episodes, the update is a 360-degree panorama-style video. The update also coincided with an update to the Hololive Error official page and its character list.

Check out the video below. As a 360-degree panorama, viewers can look around the room using the mouse, a mobile device’s motion sensor, or a VR headset. English subtitles are available.

This time, the center performers for Hololive Error are the VTubers Momosuzu Nene and Yukihana Lamy. The two play the roles of fellow students An Suzune and Yukihara Touka, respectively. While the first two episodes of the series have been rather mundane, more supernatural goings-on abound in this newest upload. Suzune and Touka spend much of the video apologizing to the viewer (who plays the transfer student) for accidentally hurting them. Suzune seems especially nervous, given the urban legend about bad things happening if one doesn’t “show hospitality” to transfer students. This is followed by the first “live” sighting of Tokino Sora, though her role in the production or character name are unconfirmed.

Outside of their participation in Hololive Error, both Yukihana Lamy and Momosuzu Nene are part of the “5th Generation” of Hololive VTubers. They debuted in August 2020 alongside Shishiro Botan, Omaru Polka, and Mano Aloe. Though once nicknamed the “HoloFive,” the group renamed itself “NePoLaBo” after Mano Aloe retired from the team.

Hololive Error updates post periodically. Each VTuber is also active on their respective channel. A second generation of English-language Hololive VTubers, the “Council”, was recently debuted.

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