Love Live School Idol Festival Persona Songs, Morgana Story Shared

love live persona songs story

Even more details about the Love Live School Idol Festival Persona event came up, and this time they involved the songs and story for the collaboration. Three songs from Persona games will appear in the rhythm game. In addition, Persona 5’s Morgana will make a cameo appearance in a special storyline.

First, a brief teaser image appeared regarding the Morgana Love Live School Idol Festival debut. In it, he’s talking to Honoka Kosaka, presumably about a performance.

As for the Persona Love Live School Idol Festival songs, they’re being pulled from Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5. One track from each game will appear. They’ll show up in Live Arena to play. Here are the three that will show up.

  • “Burn My Dread” from Persona 3
  • “Pursuing My True Self” from Persona 4
  • “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There” from Persona 5

There is one final reveal scheduled for the Persona event. According to the official website, people will learn more on October 25, 2021.

Past updates covered how certain characters would look. First, Eli Ayase was named the campaign girl. She’s dressed as Elizabeth. After that, Aqours SSR characters in Persona costumes appeared.

Love Live School Idol Festival is available on Android and Apple iOS devices. The Love Live Persona event will run October 31, 2021 until November 25, 2021.

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