Magic Barrage Is An Online Bullet Hell Shooter With RPG Elements



You gotta love the ones that try to cram everything into one genre. Publishers Reality Squared Games have announced that their multiplayer online game Magic Barrage has gone into alpha and is available to play. The kicker is that this isn’t just any old online game. It’s a pixel-based, old-school bullet hell shooter with a fantasy slant and RPG elements.


It’s pretty easy to pick up and play, as the game is an in-browser title. And fortunately, so it seems, you don’t lose all your gear when you finally drop dead like you do in Realm of the Mad God.


Despite being pretty simple to get into, the game has a pretty solid base including 8 different classes to choose from, crafting, pets, player-vs-player combat and guilds to join. The game lets you wander around a central town—replete with quests, shops to buy from, inventories to manage and quick action hotbars to fiddle with.


There is a plot in here, with you being part of the few remaining flickering bastions of hope trying to end the endless streams of demons and evil spirits that Crassus the evil lord has sent against the world he once protected.


3_Magic-Barrage-Wallpaper-3 4_Magic-Barrage-Wallpaper-4

1_Magic-Barrage-Wallpaper-1 2_Magic-Barrage-Wallpaper-2

Players can register an account and play Magic Barrage on their website here.