Make Fan Art To Get This Psychedelic Game For Free


Northway Games and RichMakeGame are offering an “Art to Play” model for their psychedelic Venus exploration game Deep Under the Sky. All you have to do is make some fan art of the game and send it in for a free copy of it.


Paintings, drawings, short stories, collage, photos, and even sculptures qualify as fan art in this case. The only rules are that the art must have taken you at least half an hour to create, must be about Deep Under the Sky (plenty of inspiration here) and have the game’s title in there somewhere, and it should also be original as opposed to plagiarized. You should also be fine with the developers posting the artwork you create publicly for other people to see.


If your creation meets all of those qualifications and you send it in to [email protected] you’ll be mailed back with a Windows, Mac, and Android version of Deep Under the Sky. Unfortunately, the iOS version cannot be given out due to “technical reasons.”



Deep Under the Sky is about learning to fly and flourish as a jellyfish as you explore the beautiful and sometimes dangerous skies of a psychedelic version of the planet Venus. You fling, jet, and grapple your way through 80 luscious levels along to a chilled soundtrack.


You can also curl up into a ball and roll around as if you were Samus. It’s a simple one-button game with physics-based interactions and colorful explosions that you’ll only really see if things go wrong.


You can purchase Deep Under the Sky for a discounted launch price of $7.99, which will go up to $9.99 shortly, on Steam and the Humble Store for Windows and Mac. The iOS and Android versions will cost you $2.99 and can be bought on the App Store and Google Play respectively.

Chris Priestman