MapleStory 2’s Minecraft Style World Will Allow User-Created Content



Nexon’s upcoming sequel MMORPG MapleStory 2 has been revealed to be kind of a blockish, 2.5D game in nature, and there’s a reason for that: players will be able to build their own stuff.



Details revealed according to ThisisGame say that MapleStory 2 will allow users to build their own homes and even dungeons. Similar to Minecraft or LEGO bricks, you’ll stack ‘em up to create your own dream locale. This will cost in-game cash, so expect it to be a bit of a money sink.


20140628170737_2415 20140628170735_2452

20140628170734_7800 20140628170746_8872

Dungeons can also be “built” by players, similar to how several other MMO’s have gone about this route. You’ll then be able to make traps and stock it with foes, though how you obtain the latter hasn’t been revealed.



20140628170741_5419 20140628170748_1931

The screenshots also revealed some mounts for the game, including a griffon flying mount, sheep mounts and balloons.


You can head over to ThisisGame for more screenshots.


MapleStory 2 is planned for release worldwide, with a Korean closed beta scheduled prior to that later this year.