Marble Meets Maze In This Addicting Puzzle Game


Marbles.  The goal of Jyouru Games’ Core is simple: Rotate the world and get your marble to the gold before time runs out. You can play it right here.



If only it were that easy, though. Ever since Atari’s Marble Madness came out, these sorts of maze-navigating games have been stymieing players the world over by being just so… damn… tough. In Core, you turn the entire world by clicking and dragging with your mouse, adjusting which way is “down” for the marble to get to the gold pieces hidden deep in a maze.


The simple chord music and graphics are soothing. Right up until you realize the timer doesn’t stop while you’re trying to fiddle the marble to the right spot at any moment. Panic. Because the faster you do, the more time you get back for later levels. Or have less of.


Core threads that thin line between pain and euphoric joy from shouting “YES!” when the marbles follow where you want them to go, and is, if nothing else, a solid time waster during lunch break. It’s a free game and you can play it right here.