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Marvelous Is Taking Time Instead Of Rushing Rune Factory 5, Don’t Expect It Before March 2020



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Marvelous announced Rune Factory 5 back in Ferbuary, but don’t expect it to release anytime soon, at least not until after next March, as the company decided that it will take its time on its development. [Thanks, @mochi_wsj.]


During a financial results briefing, Marvelous said that it will “certainly not” release before March of 2020. The reason being is that they barely started working on it, and rather than rushing and releasing it, they’d like to properly take their time on it.


“It’s a title we’ve never been able to make on time, but we’d like to be able to release it in the next term,” said a Marvelous representative.


Rune Factory 5 is in development for Nintendo Switch with a 2020 release window.

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