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Mary Skelter 2 Details The Three Main Characters Of The Sequel


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Mary Skelter 2 was announced this weekend, and more information on the three main characters of the game have been revealed on the game’s official website.


Tsuu (CV: Rika Abe)

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The main character of this game, and a Blood Maiden who once promised to be Little Mermaid’s prince during their childhood. As such, she has been working hard to act the part since then.


While she sometimes acts like a young girl her age, she is mostly very well-mannered and noble, acting bravely for her friends. In order not to have to return people’s favors, she tries her best to make other people owe her one instead.


She’s the only person who can understand Jack, who has become a Nightmare.


(Tsuu is based on the Japanese fairy tale of the Crane that Returned a Favor.)


Little Mermaid (CV: Aya Suzaki):

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Little Mermaid is an innocent girl who prioritizes other people’s happiness over her own. While she’s very sweet when talking to other people, she’s a person with conviction who sometimes acts in a daring way. She’s embarrassed at the childhood memory of asking Tsuu to be her prince, but deeply loves her for the fact that she does her best to fulfill that wish.


Nightmare Jack (CV: Koudai Sakai)

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A young boy who sacrificed his life to protect Little Mermaid. As he was dying and sighing at his lack of power, certain circumstances turned him into a Nightmare.


As a Nightmare, his intelligence is at the level of an infant, but his kind heart remains intact, and he supports the Blood Maidens from the sidelines. However, if he receives a large enough shock, he loses his mind and goes berserk, so Tsuu has to constantly counsel him.


Mary Skelter 2 releases in Japan on June 28, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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