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Mary Skelter Finale Latest Trailer Shows Off Blood Maidens And The Genocide Pink

mary skelter finale snow white

Compile Heart released a new overview trailer for Mary Skelter Finale. It introduces the story, brings up returning and new characters, and offers a look at some of the new features in the game.

You can check out the trailer below:

The story begins right after Mary Skelter 2, with Jack and his friends finally reaching the surface after a long journey. However, the surface and their group are assaulted by Genocide Pink, leading the party to be split into six groups. Each group heads into the Tower of Gluttony in the hopes of reaching actual salvation.

Apart from the overview trailer, Compile Heart also released a trailer focusing on the new features by themselves:

Finally, the official website for Mary Skelter Finale has been updated with more character profiles, including some new sub-characters who will tag along with each group. Previously, the six protagonists and Genocide Pink were detailed.

Mary Skelter Finale: Jack’s Group

Michiru (CV: Maya Yoshioka)

Mary Skelter Finale

The leader of the Order of the Sun in the underground Jail. As she has completed her goal of reaching the surface, her demeanor has become more lighthearted, but she continues to play with others’ emotions with her words.


Mary Skelter Finale: Mary’s Group

Chiaki (CV: Shunichi Toki)

Mary Skelter Finale

The vice leader of the Order of the Sun. He’s actually Michiru’s younger brother and is always worried about Michiru. While before he was cold and overbearing, he’s not as cautious as before since reaching the surface has let a load off his shoulders.


Gatou (CV: ???)

Mary Skelter Finale

One of the few survivors on the surface who barely manages to join up with Mary and the others during life-threatening conditions. He has some knowledge of life on the surface and shares information on the world and how to survive with the Blood Maidens.


Mary Skelter Finale: Zyu’s Group

Snow White (CV: Marika Kouno)

The middle sister among the three Blood Maiden sisters, she is the most honest and kind one of the three. She’s grown in terms of thinking more logically during the trials of escaping the underground Jail, but still remains quite clumsy. After Genocide Pink splits up the group, she meets up with Zyu and Kaguya, then goes looking for her sisters.


Kaguya (CV: Hiromi Igarashi)

A girl dressed in traditional clothing who has a calm atmosphere about her. As usual, she’s a shut-in who hates taking action. That said, during her escape with her friends, she built up a bond with the others and became more kind and thoughtful in the process. Thanks to this, she’s become less aloof and out of touch, and she sees things in a more clever light. Her floating vehicle, the Bamboo No. 1, still carries her around. After the Genocide Pink attack, she meets up with Zyu and Snow White.


Jabberwock (CV: Kanehira Yamamoto)

A mysterious old man who suddenly appeared.


Towa Kadowaki (CV: Fukushi Ochiai)

The former guard of the Liberated District who used to work with Dawn. His parents were killed by Marchen and since then, he has undergone training in order to enact revenge. After learning about the true nature of the Professor and the Blood Maidens, he’s become less trusting of them.

Mary Skelter Finale will release for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on October 8, 2020 in Japan. Check out the opening movie here.

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