Masterline Final Fantasy VI Statue Will Cost $11,500

Masterline Final Fantasy VI Statue

Square Enix has unveiled the price of its Masterline Final Fantasy VI statue from Prime 1 Studio. The 1/6 scale statue of Terra riding a suit of Magitek armor will cost a whopping ¥1,485,000, which is approximately $11,500 or €10,694. Pre-orders for the statue in Japan will go up on April 25, 2022, 11 a.m. Japan Time, via a special Square Enix store page. The statue will ship in Japan on July 28, 2023.

Prime 1 Studio is producing the statue under the supervision of Final Fantasy concept artist Yoshitaka Amano. At 1/6 scale, the statue features a highly detailed Terra (or Tina) riding on top of a suit of Magitek armor. The statue is based on an earlier concept design for Final Fantasy VI that Amano drew during development. In a newly-uploaded video, Amano himself discusses the statue’s design and his feelings toward Final Fantasy VI.

At ¥1,485,000 per statue, it is the most expensive statue in the Masterline series so far.

Furthermore, production will be limited to a total of 600 statues worldwide, with 150 reserved for buyers in Japan. Square Enix notes that pre-orders will end once 600 are sold. It also states that the order limits for each region may change depending on stock. Square Enix will announce further information about pricing and availability in regions outside of Japan sometime later. It’s unclear whether this means that pre-order dates will be different depending on the region.

You can check out the second Masterline Final Fantasy VI statue preview video below.

Previously, Prime 1 Studios also released a series of Masterline NieR: Automata statues featuring 2B, 9S, and A2. Similarly, the statues featured high attention to detail and also came in different outfit variations.

Pre-orders for the Masterline Final Fantasy VI statue will open in Japan starting April 25, 2022, at 11 AM Japan Time (April 23, 7PM PST / April 24, 4 AM CEST). The statue will cost ¥1,485,000 (about $11,500) and ship sometime in July 2023. Pre-orders will be available via a special Square Enix store page.

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