Mech Shooter Project Nimbus Adds A Transforming Mech To Its Roster



Earlier this year, we were excited to check out successfully Kickstarted game Project Nimbus. The realistic mech game (WITH BEAM SABERS) has updated with a new video of their first transformable mech, the M5 Viper and news that its first campaign alpha is just a few weeks away.


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The transformation of the M5 Viper reminds us kinda of Macross (or Robotech, whichever you prefer to call it by) and their Veritech series of jet/mechs, though they don’t show the process since the flyby camera pans the mech off screen.


It looks like it’ll play similarly too, using jet mode to speed around and swapping quickly back into mech mode to turn around and lock on to foes. The above screenshots are from the M5 (Standard) variant.


Also, their main heroine Mirai will be voiced by Amber Lee Connors. You might remember her from the free spaceship tactics RPG Sunrider or Dust: An Elysian Tale. You can check out the first character PV trailer featuring her here. The Thai voice actress for Mirai will be Nekogami Nene.


Project Nimbus is in development for PC.