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MediEvil Remake Behind The Scenes Video Notes Other Ocean Had Access To The Source Code




Sony and Other Ocean have released a new video offering a behind the scenes look at the MediEvil remake with Chief Creative Officer Mike Mika and Executive Producer Jeff Nachbauer. When talking about the video, Nachbauer confirmed that Other Ocean had access to the SCE Cambridge Studio source code from the original 1998 PlayStation game and was using it to help with this update.


Nachbauer brought this up at the very outset of the MediEvil behind the scenes look. He said, “We have access to the original source code. We can see in there that they had intents to take the game even further. Like, there are boss battles in there that have states that are just not in the final game; that they were working on and that were commented out.” Mika then pointed out the importance of trying to walk in the shoes of the original creator. Nachbauer even noted Other Ocean looking up the music the original team used, saying, “There are comments in the original source code of what music the developers were listening to at the time they were first making the game, which helped us understand what they were getting at when they first coded that area.”


You can see the MediEvil behind the scenes look video below.


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MediEvil will come to the PlayStation 4 on October 25, 2019.

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