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Meet Dragon Quest Builders 2’s Chako And Bananzo Of Monzala Island



Square Enix shared new details on Dragon Quest Builders 2 in this week’s issue of Jump magazine with an introduction to new characters Chako and Bananzo of Monzala Island.


In Dragon Quest Builders 2 you’ll be doing all kinds of building. Monzola Island is new area where the soil is dead and they can’t grow any crops. Your job will be to help them solve the issue and help restore the greenery with its people.


Chako is a girl you meet at Monzola Island. She’s a self-proclaimed genius of crop-building, and a hard-working girl with a goal of restoring the greenery of Monzala Island.


Bananzo is an old man characterized by his unfashionable hair and beard. He’s helping Chako build a farm, but hasn’t been up to the task lately due to the influence from the Hargon Order.


In Dragon Quest Builders 2 you have the Hargon Order spreading their influence saying that “building is evil” and get in the way of Builders. However, before you can build anything at Monzola Island you’ll need to figure out the cause of its dead soil, which appears to have something to do with the pink Babango Fruit that occasionally grows around the island. This fruit can explode, which causes nearby soil to go bad.


Lastly, we see some familiar monsters from Dragon Quest II including Orc, Badboon, and Iron Ant.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 releases in Japan on December 20, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Check our previous report for info on other recent characters including Lulu and the Captain.

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