MegaHouse Announces Persona 5 Royal Noir and Fox Figures

Persona 5 Royal Noir Fox figure

During MegaHobby+Plus 2022 Winter, Megahouse announced two new Lucrea Persona 5 Royal figures of Fox and Noir. The figures will come out some time in the near future. Additionally, the Noir figure will come with Mona. So far, there is no news as to when these Phantom Thieves of Hearts will become available or how much they will cost. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

Fox will come with his katana, whereas Noir will have her grenade launcher. Mona stands by Noir’s feet, and from the silhouette is seems like he will show up as a bus rather than in his cat form. Fox’s pose looks like he is about to unsheathe his katana. Meanwhile, Noir is tipping her hat in a salute. So far, Megahouse has only revealed a key visual for Fox and the silhouette for Noir.

In 2021, MegaHouse opened pre-orders for figures of Goro Akechi as Crow and the Persona 5 Protagonist as Joker. The Crow figure will come out in July 2022 and the Joker figure will come out in August 2022. MegaHouse also has pre-orders open for an anniversary edition figure of Arsene. Lastly, it announced that a figure of Loki is in development.

More details on the Lucrea Fox and Noir figures from Persona 5 Royal will appear in the near future. Persona 5 Royal is immediately available worldwide on the PlayStation 4.

Stephanie Liu
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