We got a look at Metal Max Xeno’s first trailer showing off its post-apocalyptic tank action earlier, and Kadokawa Games shared its first details on the game’s setting, action, and characters with new screenshots.



Metal Max Xeno introduces a new world setting and history that is being rebuilt using the latest scientific predictions of the future as a basis including “technological singularity,” and more. The “true end of the century” is set in the year 209X, at “Death Tokio,” a wasteland of death where mankind faces extinction.


The story revolves around the protagonist Thalys who swore vengeance against the superdreadnought monsters with his steel partner, or tanks.




In this true end of the century RPG of tanks and humans, you’ll need to use tanks to survive in this dangerous world. The fate of mankind rests in the hands of those with tanks that can be powered up, modified, and more for a chance of survival.



Those of you familiar with the Metal Max series might recognize the red tank known as R-Wolf that has been around since the series’ very first entry. The bright red tank was piloted by the Red Demon, who was feared by enemies as the “Red Devil” and was known as the ultimate monster hunter.


In Metal Max Xeno, the protagonist will take on the role of the second generation “Red Demon” with the very same tank.


Metal Max_20171010172253

Metal Max_20171006192536

Metal Max_20171006191536

One new function in Metal Max Xeno is the ability to shoot monsters that appear on the field for preemptive strikes. You can even take out enemies with just a single shot, or start with an advantage in a fight against tough enemies.


Metal Max_20171011152239

The ET Shield is another new feature that is used to provide a shield for the tank using its energy.The reason this will come in handy is because when you don’t have a shield available your tank will take direct damage with a chance of having parts break.


Here are more details on three key characters:



Gender: Male

Age: 20

Human (Half-machine)



A young man who swore vengeance to the superdreadnought monsters. He’s out to get revenge on the monsters that killed his real mother and foster father known as Zied. His journey to exact revenge takes him to the Iron Base.



Gender: Female

Age: 18




When Irontown was assaulted, she managed to escape with her father, however he died and she was the only survivor. She tags along with the protagonist after getting saved from danger.



Gender: Male

Age: 21




A survivor who was raised at the Iron Base after being found as a war orphan. He’s always enjoyed tinkering with machines since he was a child and is now a mechanic who is capable of repairs and maintenance.





Unlike the other monsters, a new race of monsters known as the Sons of NOA, or SoNs have the intention of exterminating mankind. These fearsome monsters are the ones responsible of turning Death Tokio into a wasteland. There are some that can understand the human language, and they even seem to be moving under a unified instructions system, unlike other monsters…


Metal Max Xeno releases in Japan in Spring 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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