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Metal Max Xeno Introduces The Classes’ Different Strengths And Weaknesses


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Metal Max Xeno got a new press release just before its release tomorrow, focusing on the different character classes that are playable in the game. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]



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Talys’ starting class, and one that focuses on tank battles. Hunters are also decent at on-foot combat. Their special attack is the Aiming Shot, which has a higher critical hit chance.


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They also have the Bait ability, which baits enemies towards the other ally characters.



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Yokky’s basic job class. An engineer that specializes in fixing tanks. They can’t really fight on-foot but perform well while riding tanks. However, if fighting mechanical enemies while on foot, they can use the Spanner Attack that lowers the Defense of enemies.


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Of course, Mechanics can also do what their name implies and fix tanks while in battle.



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Toni and Itika’s starting class. Survivors will do anything to live to fight another day, including using healing skills and by Playing Dead. They aren’t very good at fighting in general, but when they use healing items the effect will extend to all party members. In the early-to-mid-game where the Medic class has not been unlocked yet, they are essential for survival.


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Survivors can also use homemade Smoke Grenades that will lower enemy accuracy for 2-3 turns.



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Maria’s starting class. Soldiers are great fighters on foot, but take a hit in effectiveness fighting in tanks. They can attack twice using their equipped weapon, and if they are equipped with two weapons, they will swap between each weapon for each hit.


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Barrel Blast is a high-damage attack skill which increases damage while firing consecutively. However, it may destroy the weapon of the tank, so it’s best used in make-or-break situations.



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Dylan’s starting class. Gangsters are roughnecks who light up the battlefield with flashy techniques. They fight well on foot or in tanks, but their largest weakness is how slow they are. Wild Throw is a technique Gangsters can use where they throw 2-4 hand grenades or other items for big damage.


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Wild Firing is a multiple-hit skill usable with equipped weapons or in tanks, where enemies are attacked multiple times randomly.



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Misaki starts in the Medic class, specialists in healing and reviving other party members. Medics also have an skill called Forbidden Syringe that can one-shot organic enemies.


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Battlefield AED is a skill where Medics use a defibrillator to revive allies who are unconscious. If it succeeds, party members will revive with more than half their HP.


Personal skills:

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Itika and Talys also have personal skills that are only usable by them. Itika has the Transform skill where she can change into another party member. While she retains the strengths of the party allies, she cannot use their skills.


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Talys’ personal skill, which is a counter skill. Using his mechanical prosthetic arm, Talys intercepts bullets and reflects electricity at the enemies.



During the Great Destruction, humans reverse engineered NOA technology to produce “Nephilim Technology”, new prototype weapons with unknown technology. However, it was never put into practical use and disappeared into the depths of the wastelands.



During the adventure, players will gain a “NephTech Radar” which reveals the location of Nephtech items.


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While traversing the map, Nephtech will be marked by a column of light that is of a different color than the usual buried treasure.


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Of course, NephTech being as good as they are, players will need to fight difficult enemies called Nephilim Walls for them.


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Players can use the Nephtech pieces to create and upgrade Nephtech weapons, such as the ones shown equipped on the R-Wolf.



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Players can lighten equipped engines or weapons in order to lessen weight so that other powerful but heavy weapons can be equipped. However by doing so, the Defense rating of that equipment is halved, which means it has a higher chance of breaking.


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Sometimes, players will get hold of Super Upgrade Alloys, which when used can exceed the normal customization limits for weapons and engines.


Metal Max Xeno releases in Japan on April 19, 2018 for PlayStation 4. The game releases in North America and Europe in Fall 2018. You can read about the localization announcement in our previous report here.

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