Metal Slug: Code J Is a 3D Metal Slug Game for Mobile Devices

Metal Slug: Code J

SNK Playmore and Tencent Games have unveiled Metal Slug: Code J, a brand new Metal Slug game targeted for mobile platforms, with a new trailer (Thanks, Nibel!):

As known previously, the game is being developed by Timi Studio. The trailer shows off the Metal Slug tank, the main cast of Marco, Tarma, Eri, and Fio, and most importantly, what looks like a full-3D art style. The Metal Slug games are known for their high-quality, 2D pixel art, but Metal Slug: Code J appears to be taking a different visual tack, doing a take on the original art style. The game remains a 2D side-scroller, though, and the trailer also features a number of classic visual elements from the series, as well as apparent recreations of boss fights and stages. If anything, the most notable difference between the new game and the old is the conspicuous presence of touch-screen interface buttons.

There’s also what looks like a hub world of sorts, showing characters visiting NPCs and going to a store. No details were forthcoming about the game’s structure, or what monetization options it might have, beyond hints in previous reveals that it might add “card-type” mechanics. Not even a release date was available, with everything listed as “TBD” for the moment.

Metal Slug: Code J is in development for iOS and Android, and targeted for release in 2020. Another Metal Slug title is also in development for consoles.

Josh Tolentino
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