Samus sees Sylux and he is reflected in her visor
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Metroid Prime 4: Beyond Coming to Switch in 2025

In the June 2024 Nintendo Direct, Metroid Prime 4 made a triumphant return and the game, which has been dormant for seven years with no updates, is now Metroid Prime 4: Beyond. Nintendo offered a release window of 2025 and shared a full trailer.

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The trailer showcased the new title and its dark purple color scheme. It began with a look at Samus’ new ship. From there, we saw Morph-Ball maneuvering, first-person shooting, and the scanning mechanic. The video involved her exploring a Galactic Federation facility under attack and encountering the space pirate assault. It confirmed that the game will look and feel a lot like the classic Metroid Prime first-person exploration gameplay.

However, gameplay and space pirates are not all that the trailer had to offer. It also showed a person who looks a lot like Sylux from Metroid Prime Hunters and the secret ending of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

We can view the trailer for the new entry in the series here:

It has been seven years since Metroid Prime 4 was announced, with no major updates or insights into how it looks or what it would become from Retro Studios. We do know development restarted in 2019. Also, many times Retro ended up hiring for roles related to it. It will be the first Metroid Prime on Switch since the remaster of the original.

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond will be available for the Nintendo Switch in 2025

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