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Retro Studios Is Scanning For An Art Director For Metroid Prime 4

By Alistair . June 19, 2019 . 8:53am

Earlier today, Retro Studios put out another job advertisement for Metroid Prime 4, this time for an art director.

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Retro Studios Hiring More People To Help Make Metroid Prime 4

By Jenni . April 26, 2019 . 8:30am

Retro Studios has posted new job listings and stated on Twitter that it is looking for people to help with the development of Metroid Prime 4.

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Nintendo Is Restarting Metroid Prime 4 Development, Retro Studios Involved

By Jenni . January 25, 2019 . 5:22am

Nintendo Senior Managing Executive Officer Shinya Takahashi has appeared in a Metroid Prime 4 development update video noting development has restarted, with original Metroid Prime trilogy developer Retro Studios involved.

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Nintendo Explains Why Metroid Prime 4 Wasn’t Shown At E3 2018

By Sato . June 12, 2018 . 2:10pm

While Metroid Prime 4 was announced at last year’s E3, we ended up not seeing any of it at this year’s gaming expo. Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen and localization manager Nate Bihldorff explained why.

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Metroid Prime 4 Bandai Namco Singapore Rumors Backed By “Multiple Sources” From Eurogamer

By Sato . February 9, 2018 . 7:15am

We recently reported on the rumors about Metroid Prime 4 possibly being developed by Bandai Namco Studios Singapore and “multiple sources” from Eurogamer have confirmed its accuracy.

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Ridge Racer 8 Rumored As Switch Exclusive; Metroid Prime 4 Possibly Developed By Bandai Namco

By Alistair . February 7, 2018 . 8:30am

A LinkedIn profile for a lead designer at Bandai Namco Studios Singapore was found by YouTuber Doctre81, showing that Ridge Racer 8 may possibly be in development exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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Metroid Prime 4 Announced

By Jenni . June 13, 2017 . 9:15am

Metroid Prime 4 is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch.

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