MMO Grand Chase Arrives On Steam Today


KOG Game’s side-scrolling platform MMO Grand Chase is busy overhauling systems and adding really difficult dungeons . Starting today, though, you’ll be able to use Steam to launch, update, and log in to the game.


Players can download and play the MMO via Steam, and KOG Games are throwing in some extras to encourage this. Players who either start a new account or link up their main account with Steam will get a Welcome Heroes set of items and a special Steam title to display.


Also, remember how the game, as part of its transition from Gamerage to KOG Games, offered new players a short period to grab a free character level up? This allowed new players to take one new character and instantly level him or her to 70 (The max is level 85). That’s back as well with the launch of the game on Steam.


Grand Chase is out now on Steam.


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