MMO Tera Prepares Gamers To Heal Its Wounded World



Action MMORPG game Tera: Uprising’s in-game world is shaking up with an upcoming update that will add four new dungeons and a pile of new gear.


ghillieglade01 ghillieglade02

ghillieglade03 ghillieglade05

These dungeons, which range from single player all the way to 10-man groups, are intended for end-game players and will drop some great loot if you’re successful. There’s also a new bunch of player-versus-player equipment that will be released with the update.



lakansprison01 lakansprison02


One sample dungeon is Lakan’s Prison, above. This five-man dungeon has players trying to ensure the breaking out of a god fails. Or all is lost. Which is usually the case.


wounded world_abscess01 wounded world_abscess04

wounded world_abscess05 wounded world_abscess07

wounded world_riftsedge06

wounded world_riftsedge03 wounded world_riftsedge04

wounded world_riftsedge05 wounded world_riftsedge07

Tera is an action MMORPG, where players have to actively adjust themselves to block blows or dodge out of the way of attacks.


The Wounded World update will arrive July 8th. You can check out all the loot available and see videos of the other three dungeons here.


Tera: Uprising is out now on PC.